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Updating the Greek Classics 
Comments in the Age Newspaper from Archie Tsoukras, 
of Tirnavos Imports in Oakleigh

Plomari ouzo
images from Antarctica

Dear Mr. Romanos,     

Thank you very much for your kind email and also for making what I think is one of the world's great drinks (actually, THE best!)  I have been enjoying it over the last few months while I have been stationed here and am only sad that I will run out before the first ship of the coming summer season arrives in October.  BUT, thankfully I will have one of my friends in Australia send more down on that ship!  

My name is Paul Munro and I am an Australian working at one of Australia 's Antarctic Research Stations, called 'Casey'.  You can see more information about our station by going to the Australian Antarctic Division's website at http://www.aad.gov.au and then clicking on the pink coloured link on the right hand side called ‘Casey’.  

I acquired a taste for your Ouzo on my first vacation to Greece many years ago.  Since then, I ask for it whenever I eat at a Greek Restaurant or, if I am lucky, at a pub in Australia . Of course, a year in the Antarctic without Plomari Ouzo would be unthinkable and so I traced up your Australian distributor and they were able to tell me where I could obtain it in Sydney .  I then phoned a friend in Sydney and he was able to get the last few bottles the shop had before the final ship sailed in Antarctica ’s summer season (February 2008).  

      My job is threefold.  I am one of the station’s electricians (there are two of us here) and then I am also the supervisor of the other tradespeople at Casey as well.  My third and final job is as the Deputy Station Leader.  

      There are nineteen expeditioners at the station and we arrived here in October of 2007.  Initially we were with about forty other expeditioners, making the total over the southern hemisphere summer (October to February) of about sixty people.  But from the middle of February this year the nineteen of us have been left here alone.  No ‘planes, no ships, no physical contact with the outside world until October!  

      Understandably, socialising is very important for us here, being so isolated from the rest of the world and only having eighteen other people to talk with for about eight months of the year.  I am not what you would call a ‘big drinker’ but, when I do sit at our small bar on a Friday and Saturday evening and talk with my friends after work, I only drink the best.  Of course, that is Plomari Ouzo.    

      The actual photo that I sent to Tivarnos Imports in Australia was taken at one of the oldest existing buildings in Antarctica at the old ‘Wilkes’ Station.  Wilkes Station is a few kilometres from Casey and has been abandoned for many years.  It was first built in 1957 by the Americans and then was handed over to the Australian Government not long after that.  The ‘Australian Antarctic Division’, part of the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (my employer) still maintains one of the buildings at Wilkes and we use it as a sort of recreational hut, to allow us some time away from Casey occasionally.  The building is called the ‘Wilkes Hilton’.  I will sometimes go over there on a Saturday evening to just relax with my friends and sip good Ouzo J  

      I will enclose another image of the particular trip on which your first photo was taken. Please feel free to use any images you have at your discretion.  Unfortunately I do not think the resolution of the image will make it of much use to you, but, once again, please feel free to use them.  

      Thank you for making great Ouzo and I’ll think of your sunny country every time I have a glass of Plomari down here.  After all, it is the taste of real Greece !  

Kind regards,  

Paul Munro



From Tirnavos to Australia  fine Greek products
Archie Tsoukras is the founder and CEO
of Tirnavos Imports, he talked 
Neos Kosmos English Edition.

ky Tsoukras and her father, Archie Tsoukras.
Photo: Peter Kakalias

1 Jun 2009 

From inception up until the setting up process, how did you start your business?

I have been involved in the liquor and groceries industry for the past 32 years as an owner and operator of several supermarkets and liquor shops all over Melbourne. 
As a liquor shop owner I believed there were not enough Greek products available in the market and decided to start importing to supply the Greek community as well as to introduce some of the finest products Greece has to offer to the Australian consumers. In 1994 Tirnavos Imports was established , and we began trading as an importer of fine wines and spirits which originated from my hometown of Tirnavos near Larisa in central Greece. We were unloading containers at the back of my supermarket. Since then we have expanded the product range representing the largest Greek companies such as Minerva oils and Athenian Breweries, moving to bigger facilities and supplying nationally the biggest liquor and supermarket chains in Australia.

What would you say stands out as the leading product of your business and why?

Some of the most popular products in our range include the first ever made ouzo in the world Ouzo Katsaros, Tsipouro Tirnavos, the increasingly popular Plomari ouzo and the premium range of Hatzimichalis wines and the newest addition to our range being Alfa beer

.How is business currently and how has it been affected by the global financial crisis?

Despite the current economic climate business continues with the same pace striving to always improve and grow as the market’s demands grow. We further believe there is a positive shift in the perception of Greek products especially when it comes to Greek premium wines evident from the opening of a number of fine Greek restaurants ranging a broader selection of Greek products.

 What is your vision for the future of your business?

Tirnavos Imports is a family run business dedicated to building strong relationships with both its suppliers and customers. Our vision is striving to promote a taste of Greece in the Australian Market.

Do you have any tips for new entrepreneurs who wish to enter the import industry?

Times have changed since I entered the import industry. With time, hard work, patience, good business practices, good relationships and finally willing to take on the challenge of entering this industry there is always opportunity for new enterpreneurs.




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 Write up 
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We are glad to inform you that Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis participated in the renowned international competition of spirits, World-Spirits Award which takes place every year, for the last 11 years, in Austria.

In 2014, 400 brands from 30 countries participated in the competition, including some of the most famous brands worldwide, such as Dewars, Angostura, Bacardi and Stoli.

 The results for 2015 were announced recently and we are very glad to inform you that Ouzo of Plomari exceled in the competition, reaching the top score for its fragrance, taste and balanced harmony and won the top distinction double-gold medal! This prize is awarded only to products of exceptional quality that are considered: «World class, extraordinary products».

 We believe that this award is of great value and will help us communicate the quality of the product to the public.  We have a license to use the medal until 1st August 2018 in any printed or digital form.


Olga Kefalogianni, Minister of Tourism and Amal Alamuddin-Clooney enjoy their meal and Katogi Averoff Red wine

Amal Alamuddin-Clooney enjoys Katogi Averoff wine
Katogi Averoff Red wine remains at the first choices of “famous” people !During her visit in Greece, Amal Alamuddin-Clooney chose Katogi Averoff Red 2009 to accompany her lunch .

One more international recognition that would like to share with you!


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